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MASpanish Language, Literature and Culture

Tuition fee €2,500 per semester
Application fee €150 one-time

The application fee is non-refundable

Examination fee €100 one-time
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Short description
MA students engage in a thorough training in the Spanish language, literature and culture. The MA program concludes with the preparation and successful defence of a thesis.

During the training students will

gain knowledge of contemporary questions in research on Spanish literature (history of literature from medieval times up until the present, Hispanic literature, etc.);
obtain practice in scientific literature analysis;
acquaint themselves with the methodology of literary research;
gain experience in research;
learn about the various techniques of Spanish text composition;
improve their oral skills;
get a deeper understanding of linguistics, study current fields of linguistic research (e.g., simultaneous linguistics, language history, descriptive linguistics, textual linguistics, lexicology, phraseology, sociolinguistics, etc.);
gain experience in translation.
The aim of this course is to train high-level specialists capable of meeting the specific demands of the labour market in the fields of cultural and intercultural exchange. In addition to local, national or international authorities in the public sector, it is important to underline the growing need for Spanish graduates in the private sector, e.g. with multinational companies.

The training will also prepare students to continue in one of the Doctoral Schools of the Faculty.

Our graduates find employment mainly in the sectors of education and research, tourism management, banking and finance, and intercultural communications.

Our graduates finish the program with a high level of Spanish knowledge. Many of them work as language teachers in language schools, as editors or literary translators, others find employment in the tourism industry, media and marketing, in governmental institutions or ministries, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Foreign Trade, and in international companies.

Tracks/ Specializations:
Spanish Literature and Translation
Spanish American Literature and Translation
Spanish Linguistics and Translation

Strength of program
The Master program will allow student to explore different areas of research, such as Spanish Golden Age, Spanish American Colonial Times to contemporary literature, to practise the scientific analysis of discourse and literary texts, to conduct in-depth literary research, to form a clear and informed argument reflecting a deep linguistic understanding (synchrony and diachrony, theoretical and applied linguistics). Note that the program does not offer teaching qualifications.

Programme structure

Find the detailed structure of the program on the site of the Faculty:

Career opportunities

Career opportunities
MA level studies produce professionals who meet the increasingly growing requirements of intellectual occupations mostly related to the services (the field of the arts, social sciences, journalism, text composition, translation, drafting of tenders, etc.), while at the same time prepare them for broader topics for assistant positions related to the humanities. There is an increasing demand for graduates of the study fields of humanities, irrespective of their study tracks, who are equipped with general knowledge, empathy, and a high level of communication skills, for positions of deputy manager, expert of human policy, etc. Some of our graduates continue studies at a doctoral level.

Job examples
—Media, marketing, and advertising
—Tourism industry

Apply now! September 2024/25
Application deadline
30 Jun 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Studies commence
5 Sept 2024
Apply now! September 2024/25
Application deadline
30 Jun 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Studies commence
5 Sept 2024