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MAUkrainian Language and Literature

Eötvös Loránd University
Hungary, 1053 Budapest
Faculty of Humanities Hungary, Budapest
Tuition fee €2,200 per semester
Application fee €150 one-time

Application fee is non-refundable!

Examination fee €100 one-time
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Short description
The aim of the program is to prepare students to become well-trained specialists in Ukrainian philology. Students acquire comprehensive knowledge of Ukrainian literature from its early period to date in a European context, as well as extensive knowledge of Ukrainian grammar and the history of the Ukrainian language. Moreover, they get acquainted with the latest linguistic theories, sociolinguistics, textology, lexicology, stylistics and phraseology. Developing both oral and written proficiency in Ukrainian is an important component of our education program. The program ends with the thesis on the chosen subfield of Ukrainian philology.

The MA program consists of a basic common component (60 credits) and an optional specialization (22 credits).

This program is recommended to applicants who have a special interest in Ukrainian language and literature and wish to work in an area that requires Ukrainian language skills or is related to Ukrainian culture. Note that the program does not offer teaching qualifications.

This program enables students to work as specialists of Ukrainian philology in the economic, cultural, political or social field. There are many opportunities for young professionals with an excellent command of Ukrainian and a good understanding of the Ukrainian culture as well as the historical, economic and social trends in contemporary Ukraine.

Strength of program
Students graduating from our university with an MA degree in Ukrainian Studies have general knowledge of philology with a specialization in Ukrainian literature and linguistics. The structure of our MA program is flexible and meets the needs of students with various interests. The strength of the course is also indicated by the scholarly achievements of the department staff (eg. regular participation in national and international conferences, regularly organized international conferences on Slavistics, numerous books and other national and international publications.)

Career opportunities

Career opportunities
Students graduating from our university with an MA degree in Ukrainian Studies have an opportunity to work for Ukrainian or/and Hungarian joint companies, in the field of culture or the educational sector, in the tourist industry, or to find employment related to the cooperation between Ukraine and Hungary in a broader sense. Our graduates can also engage in an academic career and after completing their doctoral training and the successful defense of the doctoral dissertation obtain a PhD degree.

Job examples
Scholar in Ukrainian Studies
Organizer in various fields of Ukrainian culture
Expert on Ukrainian culture
Literary translator
Specialist in diplomacy

Apply now! September 2020/21
Application start
Feb 1, 2020
Application deadline
Apr 15, 2020 23:59
Europe/Budapest time
Studies commence
Sep 7, 2020
Apply now! September 2020/21
Application start
Apr 16, 2020
Application deadline
Jun 30, 2020 23:59
Europe/Budapest time
Studies commence
Sep 7, 2020

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